Decorative Outdoor Tabletop Fireplace


Outdoor tabletop fireplace are installed in the homes for two reasons: to provide extra heat and to improve the aesthetic space they are installed in the fireplace tools are not necessary with decorative electric or gas cookers, but they are necessary with wood or fuel burning fireplaces.

Fireplace Utility

There are four basic tools that come in an outdoor tabletop fireplace – poker, broom, shovel and pliers. Each piece is made of metal, with the exception of the brush on the brush. The poker is tall and straight and has a point and often a chin at the opposite end of the handle. It is used to move the logs or to stir the fire. The broom is used to sweep the ash from the fireplace after the fire is extinguished and the fireplace and the ash have cooled down. The ash is collected in the bucket, which is dimensioned to work with the broom. The tongues are used to grab logs to relocate them or to add logs to the fire.

Decorative surfaces

Traditional outdoor tabletop fireplace were made of iron and were black in color. Modern cookware tool kits are available in many different designs, including stainless steel, chrome and brass. More rustic versions are made of hammered steel, graphite or copper. The handles of the fireplace tools often have a design of any type. Scrolls or ropes are common, and tool kits can be pulled or trimmed in precious metals as well.

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