Comparison of a Gas Log Fireplace Insert of a Wood Stove


The big difference between a gas log fireplace insert and a wood stove is the type of heating appliance you are using. A fireplace is an appliance that has the traditional look and structure, while a stove looks nostalgic. If the comfort of use and comfort is your goal, the gas will get you there. But if you like the authenticity and sensory benefits of firewood. Everything else will simply be a substitute.

A gas log fireplace insert is a versatile option. The fireplace units are sold as inserts that can be placed inside an existing masonry structure. Or you can start from scratch and have the custom-built fireplace. It also has one more option: an independent gas fireplace. These units are known as stoves, only they are fed by gas logs instead of wood. But that is not the end of your options when you choose gas.

If you do not have a fireplace, you can select a unit without ventilation. Which will allow you to place the fireplace right in the middle of the room for three-sided or 360-degree viewing and heating. The source of energy is a big difference. Gas is a fossil fuel, while wood is a natural, renewable source of energy. Gas of gas log fireplace insert keeps tied to life “in the network”, and wood allows you to live “out of play”.

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